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Guy Fawkes is nearly upon us again... - 28th Oct 2015

Guy Fawkes Night is just a few days away, and so it is a good time for us to gently remind pet owners to take special care of their furry friends.
Every year Nelson SPCA receives calls from owners whose cats and dogs have run away in fear, or occasionally been injured by fireworks.
Unfortunately, the fireworks “season” is spread over several days and it can be difficult to anticipate them. Ask neighbours to let you know before they set fireworks off, and keep an eye open for advertisements for big displays.
Here are our Top Tips for keeping your pet safe this season:
• Make sure your pets are indoors with doors and windows closed before the fireworks start. This means getting cats in well before dusk. Check your pet's ID tag and collar are in place - just in case.
• Give your dog a long walk and feed him well before fireworks start, then keep him indoors for the night.
• Do whatever you can to prevent your pets hearing or seeing fireworks: draw the curtains, play some music, have the radio or TV on.
• Stay at home if you can, to keep an eye on your pets and offer comfort if they need it.
• If your pet hides somewhere in the house leave it there, as dragging it out can be even more stressful. Stay close by and speak reassuringly.
• Don’t forget small animals that live outside. Bring the cage inside if it’s possible, or cover with thick blankets. Provide extra bedding for your pet to burrow into.
• Livestock should be moved away from areas likely to have firework parties. This should be done well before fireworks occur, as moving large, frightened animals can be very dangerous.
• If your pet is known to be severely affected, consider taking him/her away somewhere quiet for the busiest firework days.
• Pet shops sell various products aimed at reducing the fear level, which may be worth trying. Your vet may choose to prescribe medication for extreme cases.

And, of course, keep safe yourselves. Fireworks can be deadly, so take all care and precautions.

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