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The end of summer is upon us... - 31st Mar 2016

The end of summer is upon us... We are quickly coming to the end of summer so, on Sunday morning or Saturday night, if you prefer:

  1. Put your clocks BACK one hour. Do this on Saturday and you get an extra hour's sleep!!
  2. Check your smoke alarms. A great time to do this is 7am wakes EVERYBODY up!!
  3. Over the next couple of weeks, bid a fond farewell to the shorts, jandals, tank tops and begrudgingly welcome sweatshirts, long-sleeved shirts, long pants and, for the ladies...pantyhose (Can't someone come up with a better name than that??)
But all is not lost. Daylight Savings Time starts again on 25 September 2016, so that's 175 sleeps...not long if you say it quick!!
Be safe over the winter months. Watch out for ice on the road and make sure your windscreen is clear before you head off on the road.

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