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Heat Pumps and Winter - 15th Apr 2018

Heat pumps and winter - A great combination to keep you warm and toasty during the cold months.
But take could be using more power than you need.
(The following is my opinion only....Please don't take it as gospel)
Imagine this - Cold, dreary day..You come home from work and put the heat pump on. Let's warm it up quick, say 28 degrees. heat pump starts up and starts cranking out the heat.
What happens when it reaches the desired temperature? The heat pump slows down. The thermostat registers it has reached the correct temperature. But what happens if that temperature rises? The heat pump decides to cool the room down to reach the temperature you selected, so here comes the cool air. Temperature drops below the required setting - heat pump cranks up the heat again..And so on and so forth ..This chews up the power.Better to have it set on, say, 22 degrees, and leave it running. This quite often results in lower power bills as the heat pump doesn't have to work so hard to maintain temperature.
Also - If you have an HRV or similar type system. make sure they are set to the same temperature, so they don't fight for control.

Hope the information helps, but please do your own research...Your situation may be quite different to ours..

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